greezus (greezus) wrote,

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so my new bike came yesterday!!! it's so fucking dope! i'd post pics, but i don't have any up, but if ya wanna check it out, go to and it's the limited edition PBR RINGLEADER -limited being 1 of 75, and the first product that Pabst has ever lent their trademark to! they sent the exact one from their site- the dude was like- "how's a 56 fit? we just got done shooting it, so it's yours..." -but no pedals. i got it put together, and was slowly spinning the crank whilst i thought of what pedals to use, and SON OF A BITCH!!!! my finger ended up getting bit between the chain and chainring! just a little gash- i still got my finger tip and am still plannign on being able to play bass by saturday night no sweat!!! if i only had some heels...
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