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leaving muskegon today...BOOOO!!!! walking my pup this morning it started to rain and we both got all wet. BOOOO!!!!! but i was listening to provoked's latest release...YAY!!!!! and it was aight... but my pants are still wet and it's been an hour and half or so... wet jeans suck! BOOO!!!!!
lowlife rocks at practices...YAY!!!!!! lowlife blows cock at live shows...BOOO!!!!! lowlife should never be axed to headline shit! BOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
my frappuccino is almost gone....BOOO!!!!! PLANET OF I.D. is the SHIT!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! sharing mass graves from portland oregon are way rad dudes!!! YAY!!!!!! i found 3 decent tires in breakaway's dumpster last night!!! YAY!!!!! i haven't gotten to see my sister yet or my new neice yet this weekend...BOO!!!!!!!!!
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