greezus (greezus) wrote,


i went to court with a friend yesterday. i raised my fist for my friend in shackles as i walked in. got a lot of bad stares from the police... while waiting for our friend's bullshit, i watched this asshole judge convict a man who had repeatedly raped and inpregnated his 13 year old neice, who later went to another state and had the baby, get sentenced to 18 months to 2 years. that's it. with 90 some days already served. it took everything i had not to kick this guy in the head. security is lax in that court, but i didn't wanna go to jail, so i kept my cool... he had 7 previous felonies and 18 misdemeanors too.

why can't i ever get a judge like that?

but my friend got 2 felony charges with 20 year max's each dropped for pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and is now back out on bail!!! yay vic!!!

and what about the election!!! fuck yeah!!! a great end to a good day!

i'll be in mkg in 3 hours...til friday a.m.
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