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just another manic monday...

the bangles ruled. so did belinda carlisle's solo stuff. seriously... but i don't wish it was sunday- even if it is her "fun day". hazy shade of winter was their best song ever!!! i love that song so much- it's on the LESS THAN ZERO soundtrack which totally rules- especially the roy orbison track, but it's also got danzig doing some orchestral stuff, slayer covering in dagada davida or whatever it's called (but the words are really in the garden of eden...)'s also a GREAT book & movie. i got the book when it first came out & i was young. it was the first book i owned that said fuck. got it at k-mart!!!

it's hard to believe LJ is 10 years old... ya know how i found it? ljuser=lindydreams

Tags: bangles, belinda carlisle
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