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bullshit factor zero
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in greezus' LiveJournal:

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Monday, April 30th, 2012
10:46 am
been a long time. still here. now at 3358. heightscore. live it. love it! 

Current Mood: pissyasswhiteboy
Monday, October 5th, 2009
12:37 pm
just another manic monday...
the bangles ruled. so did belinda carlisle's solo stuff. seriously... but i don't wish it was sunday- even if it is her "fun day". hazy shade of winter was their best song ever!!! i love that song so much- it's on the LESS THAN ZERO soundtrack which totally rules- especially the roy orbison track, but it's also got danzig doing some orchestral stuff, slayer covering in dagada davida or whatever it's called (but the words are really in the garden of eden...)...it's also a GREAT book & movie. i got the book when it first came out & i was young. it was the first book i owned that said fuck. got it at k-mart!!!

it's hard to believe LJ is 10 years old... ya know how i found it? ljuser=lindydreams

Current Mood: waiting
Thursday, June 25th, 2009
6:39 pm
RIP Michael Jackson
goodbye to the king of pop, 1958-2009. cardiac arrest. you were my first pop hero, and a real king.

"king of pop- dead today." -charles gibson, abc news

and farrah- you left today too... fucking cancer. charlie's angel...adios.

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, June 7th, 2009
6:06 pm
anyone know anyone who need a website built?
i'm looking for a few new clients and work pretty cheap!
5:58 pm
Writer's Block: Significant Choices
If you had to choose between your friends and your significant other, who would you choose?
it's a fucked up situation. it shouldn't have to be that way, but sometimes it is. it sucks.

but i went with my significant other, and almost 11 years later we're still happy together.

although i miss them sometimes, i'm most positive those friends understand. i hope so.

Monday, April 13th, 2009
6:10 pm
selling some shit-

vibrators record -rec mint/sleeve vg+
dead kennedys picture disc interview record import mint
classic freddie blassie picture disc import mint
gang green skateboard shaped picture disc

michael jackson- thriller (orig) mint
2 poison singles- recs mint/jackets 1g/1vg
JFA from '95-new unplayed mint
jack scratch- when worlds collide- colored-x3-mint

act fast, or they'll be on ebay soon for 3 days (need $$$ quick!)...under the username greezuschrust


fixed bike complete- old burgundy ross eurotour frame/fork/all parts, new mavic fixed/fixed white wheels with michellin tires, new conex chain $275 OBO

-frame could also be switched out for a yellow schwinn collegiate (both 56) or a fuji or itoh (both blue 59 or 60- tall)

-will also sell any of the above frame/fork combos (have other parts too, just not wheels) -$75 each OBO- at the moment all 3 still have everything except wheels

might be putting bikes on craigslist...maybe not

Current Mood: broke
Saturday, April 11th, 2009
11:01 pm
good-bye holy blowout
right now the ANNUAL HOLY BLOWOUT evening of events @ the Ice Pick Music Theater Society should be getting over. but it's not, because there wasn't one. when asked, mark blew it off. that's the word on the street.

the end of this event is a big disappointment to me this year (mark would say i should be used to it by now...), but i never am. 

if i have anything to do with it in the near future by some stroke of luck or a cock or two, i'll resurrect it. for reals. i've got my fingers crossed, and the next fountain i see is getting my found lucky wish pennies. you gotta believe to make it happen. sometimes dreams do come true.

and sometimes they go up in smoke.


yesterday, we (me, bronwen, her brother & his old lady) continued their family tradition of planting snow peas on good friday. then we sprinkled a mixture of three different family members ashes around the planted soil, and i wiped the bone dust from my fingers of a mother, father, and son under my eyes like a warrior and felt powerful.

Current Mood: figurin out how to scam $ fast
Thursday, March 5th, 2009
3:05 pm
Writer's Block: Deal or No Deal
What's on your list of dealbreakers when it comes to romantic relationships?
having a cock & balls swingin' between yr legs. adios muchacho.

Current Mood: aight.
Sunday, February 15th, 2009
3:19 pm
Writer's Block: Sounds Good to Me
Persnickety, flibbertigibbet, lollygag—some words are just more fun to say. What's your favorite word?
my favorite word is discombobulated. six syllables. i like words with lots of syllables....

btw- anyone got a good copy of the CS4 master suite upgrade that's legit? or at least is virus free... for mac. preferably updateable. is that a word? did i just make that up? no matter how i try to spell it, it keeps saying that it's wrong. i'm wrong a lot. damnit. hooks it up!!!

3:01 pm
every time i drink alcohol i end up on LJ commenting on everything. most of the time i just lurk in the shadows, hiding- crouching behind a dumpster in wait. watching... listening.

congrats to sock, b$, & casey on the radio show. i talked about it- or podcasting-  too much & still haven't done a thing. too many pipe dreams that i never take action on.
instead i sit and dream and wish...
but the old mall is long gone and they took the fountain along with my lucky pennies and i'm scared that my wishes went with them. 

but when the numbers in time align in sychronicity i can wish again...just gotta watch the clock. and it has to be digital. otherwise the numbers don't work out right. even if it is the same time. and then there's that first star you see at night, but it has to be the first one, and if you go out too late there's just too many.

i used to look forward to sundays. animation domination on fox. i miss the sopranos. that was sunday night too. but it's just another day that mail doesn't come. i need to write more letters to get more letters. i know how the game works. i just keep landing on the wrong square in the game and have to go back to start, or go, or my turn gets skipped, or i miss it completely. combine that with a monday holiday and it makes for a no mail monday.

no mail mondays are the worst. totally depressing.

i did manage to build for little shelves for my RR cars until i can get a layout built, but the four were not enough. i need three or four more... and as much as i love carpentry, that's one thing that i didn't get from my dad- his carpentry skills. are all left handed people bad with tools? christ. it's such a bitch trying to get a screw or nail to go in straight. but they're up and look dope.

need to go to MKG... need to get so much internet work done. don't know where to start.  

Current Mood: contemplative
3:17 am
dear LJ
hello old friend. i'm sorry i've been neglecting you. you've always been here... what can i say but my bad... i hope you don't hate me even if i'm a fuckin' jerk. again LJ, my bad. for what it's worth... i miss you. glad i'll be in muskegon in less than 12 hours!!! fuck. stone house blues, winter blues. or just the same old blues. born with the blues. that's the beauty of manic d...you come & go just not as you please...as you please... pretty please?  your meds aren't worth it. they're junk. bad. leave you hanging, or twitching, or just being. dependent. better off with the blues than being more of a zombie with their meds than i make myself on a daily basis. i can take care of myself. dependent. don't need no cmh. no. fuck that... our system is fucked and i fit right in. right in. c'mon in. have a seat. take off your jacket and relax... it's ok if i leave my hat on, ok? i thought so.

been listening to lots of new tunes thanks to the information super highway. gracias music bloggers. gracias. working on returning favors. i just procrastinate when i'm in a funk and i can't seem to snap out of it long enough. my bad, but it's hard to control.

and riding! i've been riding new bikes thanks to rad companies and rad people... and that's rad. and people love us and it feels rad. love is rad. so many years filled with hate and disgust. sickness. how did i get in the interrogation room? i know it's a two way mirror. love is staring at me fom the other side. i feel ill.

nothing fills the void so i want and want and want. collecting fills that void...for awhile. shooting guns and riding bikes and listening to rad tunes and being with you makes me forget the void. it's been there since before i can remeber remembering. the eternal black hole in my soul, swallowing me whole. regurgiting myself back out of myself, only to swallow myself whole one more time.


enter the mighty SHEEPHERDER- down tempo anti music revolutionairies: counting sheep....

"sleep. i can't sleep!"
"have you tried counting sheep little boy? try counting sheep."
"whatever you do, don't try the soup."

SHEEPHERDER exits, stage left.

i'm not too hungry anyways. not much of an appetite lately, but i could really go for a big, juicy cheesburger right now. i tried to make one of those single serving brownies with the frosting in the cool packaging, and i was trying to get the last of the icing when my hand sli[[ed and i flipped it over and my brownie was fucked and most of the icing was stuck to the table and even thought i tried to lap most of it up with my finger like a kitten with it's tounge, i just couldn't get it all, and i feel cheated, the cute little kitten could've licked it all up. i [rpbably could have too had i used my tongue and not my finger, but i just wasn't going that far. the desire wasn't there. i licked my fingers the best i could, washed my hands, and cleaned the counter. ate the short changed end of an over-priced, songle-serving brownie...cool packaging and all.

Current Mood: cynical
Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
9:58 am
Writer's Block: Traditional Pursuits
There are a lot of things we see most often in December, like caroling, potato latkes, mistletoe, mulled wine, eggnog, and returning gifts. What's your favorite holiday tradition?
the xmas show at the icepick since 1989! bam!

Current Mood: pretty a-ok
Thursday, November 13th, 2008
11:24 am
some people from muskegon are on today!!! like right now!!!
Monday, November 10th, 2008
3:53 pm
PUNK ROCK GRAB BAGS- $5!!! only 5 available!!!
i'm trying to clear out my old distro and have put together some grab bags...
each bag has at least 6 zines or more, 5 buttons, a patch, a cd, and a tape comp.
-each bag is well worth over $20 if not closer to $30!!!!
-i'm letting them go for $5 in person or $10ppd through paypal to cover their fees and postage- still a great deal at either price!
ACT QUICK!!! i'm sure they'll be gone fast! i *might* be at the show wed. night in mkg.... *maybe*
paypal $$$ to greezus at gmail dot com!!!

Current Mood: broke.
11:55 am
Writer's Block: Ten for the Tenth
Some people spend their whole lives preparing the answer to this question: What albums are on your personal all-time Top 10 list?
answers subject to change and in no particular order...

uno: guns n roses/appetite for destruction
dos: elliot smith/figure 8
tres: tim barry/all 3 lp's + mumford elementary school 7"
cuatro: josh small/both lp's
cinco: premature baby's/lee,cheat,and steal 7" + stand yer ground cassette
seis: possessed to skate 12" comp.
siete: heavens to betsy/calculated lp
ocho: sleater kinney/ s/t 10"
nueve: alkaline trio/ goddammmit lp
dies: dystopia/ all

so i can count to ten in spanish, but i can't count on my spelling spanish correctly. i got a d all year when i took it in 9th grade (89/90). fuck that was a long time ago... but there you have it.

Current Mood: good
Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
9:15 am
i went to court with a friend yesterday. i raised my fist for my friend in shackles as i walked in. got a lot of bad stares from the police... while waiting for our friend's bullshit, i watched this asshole judge convict a man who had repeatedly raped and inpregnated his 13 year old neice, who later went to another state and had the baby, get sentenced to 18 months to 2 years. that's it. with 90 some days already served. it took everything i had not to kick this guy in the head. security is lax in that court, but i didn't wanna go to jail, so i kept my cool... he had 7 previous felonies and 18 misdemeanors too.

why can't i ever get a judge like that?

but my friend got 2 felony charges with 20 year max's each dropped for pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and is now back out on bail!!! yay vic!!!

and what about the election!!! fuck yeah!!! a great end to a good day!

i'll be in mkg in 3 hours...til friday a.m.
9:06 am
Writer's Block: A Little Light
Now that the election is over, we can get to the important stuff. Why is there a light in the refrigerator but not in the freezer?
because your shit is old!

Current Mood: happy
Monday, October 20th, 2008
11:05 am
blah blah blah....
leaving muskegon today...BOOOO!!!! walking my pup this morning it started to rain and we both got all wet. BOOOO!!!!! but i was listening to provoked's latest release...YAY!!!!! and it was aight... but my pants are still wet and it's been an hour and half or so... wet jeans suck! BOOO!!!!!
lowlife rocks at practices...YAY!!!!!! lowlife blows cock at live shows...BOOO!!!!! lowlife should never be axed to headline shit! BOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
my frappuccino is almost gone....BOOO!!!!! PLANET OF I.D. is the SHIT!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! sharing mass graves from portland oregon are way rad dudes!!! YAY!!!!!! i found 3 decent tires in breakaway's dumpster last night!!! YAY!!!!! i haven't gotten to see my sister yet or my new neice yet this weekend...BOO!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
3:11 pm
shit & stuff
so my new bike came yesterday!!! it's so fucking dope! i'd post pics, but i don't have any up, but if ya wanna check it out, go to traitorcycles.com and it's the limited edition PBR RINGLEADER -limited being 1 of 75, and the first product that Pabst has ever lent their trademark to! they sent the exact one from their site- the dude was like- "how's a 56 fit? we just got done shooting it, so it's yours..." -but no pedals. i got it put together, and was slowly spinning the crank whilst i thought of what pedals to use, and SON OF A BITCH!!!! my finger ended up getting bit between the chain and chainring! just a little gash- i still got my finger tip and am still plannign on being able to play bass by saturday night no sweat!!! if i only had some heels...

Current Mood: stoked!
Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
8:43 pm
back in the city and life feels good! even when it 's raining!

Current Mood: excited
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