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every time i drink alcohol i end up on LJ commenting on everything. most of the time i just lurk in the shadows, hiding- crouching behind a dumpster in wait. watching... listening.

congrats to sock, b$, & casey on the radio show. i talked about it- or podcasting-  too much & still haven't done a thing. too many pipe dreams that i never take action on.
instead i sit and dream and wish...
but the old mall is long gone and they took the fountain along with my lucky pennies and i'm scared that my wishes went with them. 

but when the numbers in time align in sychronicity i can wish again...just gotta watch the clock. and it has to be digital. otherwise the numbers don't work out right. even if it is the same time. and then there's that first star you see at night, but it has to be the first one, and if you go out too late there's just too many.

i used to look forward to sundays. animation domination on fox. i miss the sopranos. that was sunday night too. but it's just another day that mail doesn't come. i need to write more letters to get more letters. i know how the game works. i just keep landing on the wrong square in the game and have to go back to start, or go, or my turn gets skipped, or i miss it completely. combine that with a monday holiday and it makes for a no mail monday.

no mail mondays are the worst. totally depressing.

i did manage to build for little shelves for my RR cars until i can get a layout built, but the four were not enough. i need three or four more... and as much as i love carpentry, that's one thing that i didn't get from my dad- his carpentry skills. are all left handed people bad with tools? christ. it's such a bitch trying to get a screw or nail to go in straight. but they're up and look dope.

need to go to MKG... need to get so much internet work done. don't know where to start.  
Tags: carpentry, monday, muskegon mall, procrastination, sunday, wishes
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