greezus (greezus) wrote,

Writer's Block: Sounds Good to Me

Persnickety, flibbertigibbet, lollygag—some words are just more fun to say. What's your favorite word?
my favorite word is discombobulated. six syllables. i like words with lots of syllables....

btw- anyone got a good copy of the CS4 master suite upgrade that's legit? or at least is virus free... for mac. preferably updateable. is that a word? did i just make that up? no matter how i try to spell it, it keeps saying that it's wrong. i'm wrong a lot. damnit. hooks it up!!!

Tags: vocabulary, words, writer's block
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idiosyncratic! also six syllables.

i know what you mean about sundays being sad because there's no mail. getting the mail is one of my favorite parts of the day. we should trade something.
that's a great word too!!!

yeah we should- you sent me something last, so i guess i'm up! i'll start working on it as soon as i get MKG for a day or two...