greezus (greezus) wrote,

good-bye holy blowout

right now the ANNUAL HOLY BLOWOUT evening of events @ the Ice Pick Music Theater Society should be getting over. but it's not, because there wasn't one. when asked, mark blew it off. that's the word on the street.

the end of this event is a big disappointment to me this year (mark would say i should be used to it by now...), but i never am. 

if i have anything to do with it in the near future by some stroke of luck or a cock or two, i'll resurrect it. for reals. i've got my fingers crossed, and the next fountain i see is getting my found lucky wish pennies. you gotta believe to make it happen. sometimes dreams do come true.

and sometimes they go up in smoke.


yesterday, we (me, bronwen, her brother & his old lady) continued their family tradition of planting snow peas on good friday. then we sprinkled a mixture of three different family members ashes around the planted soil, and i wiped the bone dust from my fingers of a mother, father, and son under my eyes like a warrior and felt powerful.
Tags: annual, gardens, holy blowout, memory, planting, snow peas
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